My grandmother used to say “You can notice a fly on someone else’s shoulder, but you wouldn’t notice an elephant sitting on your own.” It is just so hard to judge your own work. I urge you to get the opinion of others when it comes to your advertisements, business cards, web site, store layout, and business offerings. Look for consistencies in the comments that can help you examine whether or not change might be appropriate. In my last blog post I asked you to look at our new site revamp, When I first launched the site last week, I asked a few of my close friends to look at the site and they pointed out things that were unclear to them and it resulted in us making a few immediate changes. As Wedding Professionals, Invitation Retailers, and Party Planners; I am trying to connect with you and your feedback is so important to me.

The most important feedback you can get is from your customers. Consider doing a survey to an email list of prospective customers and if you ask their feedback on your web site, you will probably get their attention better than approaching them from a selling standpoint. When a person responds, you can thank them and give a special reward for answering the survey, which could be a gift certificate towards your service. Think about how much more meaningful this whole exchange was, and how a typical sales offer would likely have been overlooked by this same person.