As we head towards the latter part of the summer, let’s think big picture. Being at the top of your game mentally, physically and emotionally can help you run a successful business rather than a profit deficient business running you.

Taking care of yourself and getting the proper rest, family time, and regular meals is as important to your business success as what you do when you are at work. Protect yourself against burn out. It is more important to lose a few sales while on vacation than to lose your mind. Creating more balance can result in embracing your creativity and find ways to implement strategies that can help you work less but more productively. This is a much better mindset that believing you have to work long and hard to be successful.

One of the biggest mistakes I see many wedding business owners make is to not delegate. Focus on your entrepreneurial strengths that can build your business. When you have 100% to give, dividing your focus into too many parts no longer adds up to 100%. If you have employees, empower them rather than being their crutch. Get into the habit of encouraging them to think independently. When they ask you a question you feel they should know, encourage them to answer their own question.

Sometimes taking action steps to honor and take care of yourself translates into tending to your business with a refreshed outlook than can transform your future. Continue to feed yourself with self-improvement nutrition. My partner, famed wedding industry speaker and educator, Alan Berg has some great inspirational DVD’s and CD’s. Why not treat yourself to one.