SpyFu is like James Bond for the your Business. You can spy on your competition. Cool, right? While of course we prefer to say, “you can learn about what other businesses are doing and consider what you might implement for your own business practice,” technology can get so boring to learn about. Way more fun to just call it spying.

And speaking of spying, I took a good look at SpyFu myself, and I can tell you that there is way more there than is obvious. Essentially, it allows you to explore the kinds of marketing instrurments your competition is utilizing for their business needs. What does that mean? Now you can see more clearly what works and what does not work based on what other business are doing. Skip some of the trial and error for yourself! Comparing the competition’s tactics with their resulting consequences is a great tool. You can use it to see what strategies your business could benefit from, and what strategies to leave in the dust.

Plus, you can uncover which keywords other businesses have purchased on Google AdWords. Not only that, but also discover where they show up on Google (aka Google rank), as well as every ad variation they have tried in the last six years. Now that is a handy bit of knowledge for your business.

So, what that also means is that SpyFu exists to help with your SEO (search engine optimization). You know, that important buzzword we are all hearing these days. SpyFu also has a built-in AdWords Advisor and SEO Sales Reporting features to guide your SEO efforts in the right direction.

And that’s not the end of it. If you are still having trouble with coming up with your own keywords, SpyFu has a Leads section where you can check what keywords are being used by which businesses. Not only that but you can see their Ad Budget-Per-Month, SEO Clicks-Per-Month, and Contact Types (i.e. are they on Twitter, Facebook, etc.). Lastly, when you do this kind of research through SpyFu, your search results of businesses can be sorted in the results list by location, AdWords ad budget, organic clicks, contact type, and even by keyword and social media information.

One more part of SpyFu I want to discuss is the Kombat feature. Having nothing to do with Mortal Kombat (this was James Bond, as a reminder), you can instantly see what keywords are working for other businesses and which ones are not with handy Venn Diagrams. Just as an aside, I have come to understand that seeing what words your competitors are buying repeatedly should be a clue to you to buy that word as well. Moreover, if you’re looking to craft a new ad campaign, this feature helps you skip hours of researching what key terms you should include.

There are many other features of this fabulous SEO program that I would love to share with you all, but for now just know this: if you have any (and I mean any) type of SEO needs to be met, SpyFu is the place to go.


co-authored by Theodora Kimmel