It only stands to reason that with the current wedding population demographic, the generation known as the Millennials, that we would see the influence of their style and attitudes right down to the wedding hors d’oeuvres. Millennials, known for their desire to make everything meaningful, get just as creative when comes to their wedding fare. Here is a look at the current Wedding Food Trends of 2014. I wonder if they taste as good as the thinking behind them.

Keep it Simple

wedding food trends 2014 sliders

Since the concept of luxury is at odds with the typical Millennial mindset, simplicity rules the day for many wedding meals. What does this no-fuss-and-frills attitude look like? Think sliders instead of filet mignon. Simple, moreover, is not at odds with unique, which brings us to our next wedding food trend…


Unique Treats

wedding food trends 2014 cupcake cake 

Couples today want the foods they serve to be foods they actually like, and enjoy. It is an echo of seeing the wedding day as a celebration of their love, and for everything associated with the wedding to reflect their unique union. This can be seen with the replacement of traditional wedding cake (see picture above), or at any other point during the wedding food service for that matter. As Azure Nelson of had to say, “Cocktail hour is becoming more representative of the couple — it’s being used more to showcase a couple’s favorite foods.” Wedding food trends are also very self-defined.



wedding food trends 2014 salad bar

The idea of “do-it-yourself” has invaded the wedding menu as well. Snapping right back into line with the mentality of creativity, many Millennials opt to share this attitude with their wedding-goers. This wedding food trend may come as a relief to some caterers. Now no longer in the position of having to cook a large amount of food on the spot, catering services can instead to oversee that the DIY food stations stay plentiful.


Theme-y and Dreamy


wedding food trends 2014 gatsby themed cocktail

Of course, creativity and self-expression are both often influenced by the media. As many of us are already aware of, the vintage theme is huge among the Millennial generation. With movies like the “Great Gatsby” harkening back to nostalgic days of yore, the simple elegance of these rather highly stylized renditions of the much older days, appeals to the meaning-seeking Millennial. It also connects with the idea of substance, but with a twist of dreamy romance. Something that is vintage and/or antique, even in appearance, suggests something that has stayed desirable for decades.  That tasty sentiment is surely a wedding food trend that is here to stay.