Looking at the features of the new Facebook mobile app, Paper, one would think it was designed for the wedding and stationery industry.

A product by Facebook Creative Labs, Paper is the first of Creative Lab’s mission of “crafting new apps to support the diverse ways people want to connect and share.” It is organized like a customizable mobile newspaper but with a Facebook-like twist; one can easily navigate through topics of interest areas, guided by enticing image-driven content.

Because of this, it is a wonderful platform for a wedding professional to get their marketing message across in an elegant, organic way.

The first distinction of Paper is that it operates separate from the traditional mobile Facebook app. Secondly, and perhaps the most noticeable, is the change in the presentation of your Newsfeed. Your posts, and the posts you want to see, won’t be crushed by the daily grind of random Newsfeed updates. As Forbes says, “It’s the Paper-ized version of your Facebook News Feed, meaning it’s been rendered into a tasteful layout of tiles that scrolls horizontally, not vertically. Photos are extra large and can be panned by tilting the phone; comments are suppressed for the sake of tidiness.”

What a wonderful way to showcase anything wedding.

To add your own feature stories, this Facebook app offers access to a wide variety of publishing tools. In fact, another key distinction with Paper is that you are enabled to publish creative, photocentric, storytelling content. Better yet, you can do this all from your iPhone. “Its clean design showcases interesting stories from your friends and also lets you add in featured stories on topics of interest. Food buffs, for example, can add stories from the ‘Flavor’ section.” says The Washington Post.

Make room for Wedding Buffs!

So, just how useful could this Facebook app be, to you, the wedding industry professional? Well, as Tide Creative says, “[Paper] will change the way we tell stories as wedding professionals, giving us a less cluttered and photo-centric view for our real wedding features.”

This Facebook app offers a creative space, with far-reaching implications. Paper is certainly a great addition for the delivery of appealing mobile content, and a powerful tool for today’s forward-thinking wedding professional.