Wedding Professionals have multiple advantages over other industries:

  1. You do not have to create the need for your services.
  2. The purchase will be made within a finite period of time.
  3. The decision process is often emotional and impulsive and can be greatly influenced by the right presentation and sales approach.
  4. The first time bride is an uneducated consumer and wants guidance.

In areas of the country where there is a more pronounced change of season, as we all know, there are dominant wedding months. However, as marketers we need to know when the best time is for promotions.

Since the most common number of engagements takes place between Christmas and Valentines Day, there is an increase in bridal activity and interest. However, the month of December is often one of the slowest months of year, since many people are distracted and preoccupied with the holiday season.

A good strategy to think about is when will the majority of brides in your area be the most motivated to take action in finalizing their wedding services.

Here are some prevalent trends that take place when wedding planning starts:

  1. After New Years there is a tremendous surge in activity because of engagements and brides who stopped their planning after Thanksgiving and that now need to resume for their spring weddings. The busy season continues throughout the first half of the year but usually wanes after April.
  2. June is an important month for fall weddings and some brides who are getting married the following year will strive to accomplish planning before the summer.
  3. July and August the planning switch is off for many brides unless they have a wedding coming up.
  4. Immediately following Labor Day, the back to work mentality starts up again.
  5. November is also a similar pattern to June in that brides will want to get things accomplished before Thanksgiving in anticipation they will be too occupied during the holiday season.

Being mindful of these trends in your short term and long term marketing initiatives can be helpful to maximizing responses and deciding when to schedule BrideLive conferences for existing clients who may procrastinate during times when the planning switch if off.