In 2011 marketing guru Seth Godin was the keynote speaker at the Futures Conference that took place at the beginning of the National Stationery Show. As a former National Stationery Show advisory board member and 5 time speaker, several months before the show I had contacted him offering my assistance in sharing with him some of the intricacies of our industry.

He did respond and politely declined my assistance. Having read several of books, and many of his blog posts, attended another seminar of his, I feel Seth is a visionary and outstanding speaker. However I feel he ended up delivering an interesting but more generic presentation that did not get to the heart of the stationery industry issues.

I shared that sentiment with him and he responded, “He was hired as a speaker not as a consultant”.  However he also shared with me that he felt the retail environment has serious challenges and saw an opening for manufacturers to open up consumer channels but that were very specialized and that retailer has to really work hard to define a special niche.

I realize that some of the domain names that are available on my domain name site would be a strong platform for either a stationery retailer or a stationery manufacturer to build consumer e-commerce websites targeting a niche that is in demand:

While I was against stationery manufacturers selling direct during many of my years in the industry, it is becoming an accepted practice under ethical circumstances and this is an article that covers some good basic points.

While Seth might have not been exactly in his “domain” at NSS, here are some of the domains that one might purchase for future development knowing that is an asset that can be resold in the future. For more info on the value and benefits of domain names, please click here.

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