David’s Bridal doesn’t have to be the only company that runs sales in order to generate big results. Wedding professionals usually never even consider running a large sales event because most of the time they cost too much money to advertise. Also, stores and offices do not have the capacity to have enough customers come through the doors in one day to generate enough sales to justify the expense.

However, here’s how to completely eliminate those limitations. Similar to how a bridal show promoter secures a venue for a bridal show and vendors pay to exhibit, you can expand your capacity to see more brides and make more venue if you: collaborate with a group of non-competing businesses, split the expense for renting the venue, which can be a banquet room with just tables and chairs but no food, on a Sunday during an off-peak wedding month, and collectively advertising.

The best strategy is to create a beautiful environment, where each wedding professional can display their services beyond how they would normally present their service during a one-on-one meeting.

  • An Entertainment company would showcase.
  • A florist would make elaborate bouquets and centerpieces.
  • A videographer would use a high definition monitor.
  • The limousines and chauffeurs would be outside engaging the couples as they walk in.
  • Invitation and favor providers would make beautiful sample displays.

Since this is not a bridal show and it’s a one-day sales event, each vendor needs to come up with an offer that motivates the bride to leave a deposit that day. Vendors need to bring as much personnel as possible to accommodate multiple couples at the same time. There needs to be plenty of comfortable tables and chairs for a representative to meet the couples as well. Vendors can then hand off clients to each other after they sold the customer.

The geographic reach for a sale of this sort can be far more expansive and could attract couples from a greater geographic distance. Explaining that you will have a BrideLive web conference at a later date to finalize the details can help the customer feel more at ease rather than anticipating having to make another long trip. This can really make the difference in securing that deposit and generating venue.