“Woohoo, forms!”- said nobody, ever.

I’m sure all of you have had your fair share of making forms to benefit your clients. It’s pretty much the most fun part of your job, riiiiight? Wrong. Choosing what colors go with what and how to format text boxes can be a pain. Well stop saying “boo-hoo” and start saying “Wufoo” because that is the name of a fabulous tool that will immediately take away the blandness and difficulties of making forms, and keeping them organized.

First off, you do not have to make all your forms from scratch. There are over 150 different templates to choose from so I am sure at least a couple will be handy for your needs. Plus, templates can really boost your creativity, especially if you are limited in that area.

Plus, at times, it may be more beneficial to ask clients to upload screenshots or documents for your benefit instead of just answering questions. Wufoo is ready for you-hoo. (I just could not help myself.) There is a fancy little File Upload Field that lets you do just that. Want feedback on the look of your website? Have users take screenshots and mark what they like and what they do not directly on it so you have a better idea of what to improve.

Best of all, cut out the spam crap! Ever had a spam user access one of your forms? I am certain you know what I am talking about. Well Wufoo has a CAPTCHA feature that pops up whenever there is suspicious activity on one of your forms for users to prove they are human. CAPTCHA’s are those boxes that ask you to “prove that you are human” by answering a question, or stating what word you see in the box provided. As a geek, CAPTCHAs are not my favorite, so if you just let out a small groan at the word CAPTCHA I feel your pain, but these security codes certainly exist for good reason.

They claim that the forms you make with their services are yours and that you should be able to take these forms with you. Because of this, you can export your forms into .csv, .xls., or .txt files, three of the most popular form types. You can put your data into your favorite analytics program or use the in-home analytics feature in Wufo itself. They provide a detailed look inside any form with this component.

You can sign up and make three forms for free. If all you need is three or less forms, then great. If not, they do not have their prices listed. However, they do have a feature that lets you easily upgrade or downgrade your account after purchase so over time you can adjust to what works best for your business. With Wufoo, stop spending hours pouring over form boxes and start reaching out to your clients. Now I am really in the mood for some moo shu. Weird.


co-authored by Theodora Kimmel