Many wedding and stationery businesses do not have a professional logo and underestimate it’s importance. We are in a creative profession and a logo is a launching to establish that perception of creativity. It can help increase response and interest in any type of marketing you do.

Logo Design is about creating a memorable and creative visual mark for your business. A well designed logo should be capable of standing alone to represent the personality of your business and your brand. It should convey a polished, professional image that will appeal to your ideal client.

There are several ways to get a new logo. Pre-made logos are an inexpensive and quick way to get a professionally designed logo and can often be designed in a short space of time so you can have new artwork quickly. Pre-made logos are a perfect solution for start up businesses, those on a smaller budget or anyone wanting a quick turnaround but are limiting the uniqueness.

Investing in custom design will deliver a logo that is totally unique to your business. A more in depth consultation and design process will result in something designed just for you. You can be sure your custom logo will represent your business perfectly.

A good designer will ask the right questions to determine how to bring together the elements of typography, color and graphics to design your logo. Nowadays, logos need to work in various applications; on websites, social media platforms, and watermarks on photographs. A good logo designer will ensure that you have a full package of logo resources that will work for any application required and will supply all the common file formats to ensure all your print and web needs are met.

The logo and web design that has always been behind Local Traffic Builder’s success is the Mosaic Design Group. A heavily marketed brand or prominent local or online retailer should not hesitate to invest in hiring a top design firm like Mosaic. However for many of the local-focused wedding and stationery businesses who are on a much more limited budget, I wanted to share with you a good industry resource.. Christine Findlater was a former invitation designer who is now designing industry focused logos. You can access her pre-made logos on and custom design at