Here is an example of an appointment generator we have created. Click on the image to see the full appointment generator.

Millions of websites have a navigation button “contact us.” The type of information naturally will vary based on the type of business. If it is store, listing hours, establishing a link to MapQuest or Google Maps to get directions, a phone number and e-mail are all appropriate things to include. Perhaps a home-based business would shy away from listing their physical address. Often larger companies and e-commerce sites discourage the ease of direct communication with a form to fill out that starts a dialog by e-mail.

We are in the wedding business, stationery retail and event planning business, dealing mostly with people that are in the market for products and services that are going to be purchased within a finite period of time. If they are on your site, you want to turn that person browsing into a customer.

Local Traffic Builder suggests that you turn your “contact us” page into an “appointment generator.” If you have an interested customer viewing your site at 2AM who has on her mind, “I am going to contact this store,” why risk a likely possibility that she gets distracted and forgets. Creating an opportunity online to make an appointment allows your site to work 24/7 to give an interested customer a chance to take action and change your posture with instantaneously. Once they make an appointment with you, you have much more subconscious permission by the customer to call and follow-up. Even if you are not available for her appointment choices you can give her availability and confirm a time that works for both of you.