Co-Authored by Theodora Kimmel

Youtube is a place many of us are already very familiar with. Remember that hilarious video your cousin uploaded? Or that great music video that you never thought you would see again? Thanks to Youtube, we can view just about anything imaginable, and easily.

But what about what Youtube can do for your wedding business? There is very much potential here, waiting to be tapped. Youtube can be a powerful marketing asset, and here’s why, and how:

  • Youtube is another way customers can find you online. Maximize your online presence. If you include your business and location, Google can use it to benefit your search result rank. Be sure to use tags and descriptions specifically associated with the video content as well, so people searching via Youtube can find it that much easier.
  • It is a great way to stay on top of what people are saying about your business. You can easily track views, likes, comments, and subscribers- for free!
  • You can customize your Youtube Channel. Broaden your branding scope with an avatar and background image that can further extend your image on the Internet.
  • Stream it on your Facebook Page. Sync it with your Google Plus. Tweet about new videos to your followers. Inviting people to view your videos is simple.
  • Embed your Youtube videos on your website. This can become yet another way to add unique, and personal content to your website. Combine blog posts with some vlog (video blog) posts to really change it up.
  • Use it to keep your web presence and content fresh.  It really has never been easier with today’s phones and low-cost cameras to shoot a small video of your store or services. If you get a new product or offer a new service (or hire a new team member), make a video about it!
  • Youtube can boost credibility among your consumers, and to give your current customers a bit of attention too. Are you a photographer and doing a pre-wedding photoshoot for a couple? Make a video about it and encourage the couple to get involved by having fun during the shoot. Show your potential customers how enjoyable it is to work with you AND offer it to couples as an incentive for choosing you for their photography. Are you an invitation supplier, or caterer? Capture on video when the couple first sees their invitations, or comes in for a cake tasting. A Youtube video can turn into a wonderful testimonial.
  • Do you offer a specific product like wedding favors, bouquets or invitations? Youtube videos can also be a slideshow showcasing the products you sell. Make a separate video slideshow with each different kind of favor, bouquet or invitation style, or separate it out based on wedding theme. Better yet, do some research on trending wedding themes and create videos around those themes. Be sure to include those themes in the description of your Youtube video so people are sure to find them. You can easily create video slideshows on Windows Movie Maker, iMovie for Mac, or have it professionally done to guarantee maximum visual impact.
  • Take your credibility to the next level and create educational Youtube videos that transform you into an expert. Teach couples about invitation etiquette, planning a wedding budget, or how to look your best for the camera.
  • What about sharing your business wisdom and developing yourself a wedding business expert? If you have a lot of valuable insights and experiences, make the most of it! You can utilize Youtube to produce educational videos for other wedding professionals, and position yourself as a consultant.

Feeling ready to make your Youtube debut? We hope so! Here are some final things to remember before you get onto Youtube: Make sure all of your videos are easy-to-find, including a clear description using key industry terms, all names of products, and your company name, and location. Be sure to include a link to your website, as well as way for people to contact you and connect with you on social media.